Bringing Freedom
to Africa with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the first and only money that is truly fair and equal for all, and we are excited to help Africans learn about Bitcoin, earn sats, and save their Bitcoin in self-custody.

Your Bitcoin Journey

African-Bitcoiners_Bitcoin Journey: Learn


Your journey to being financially free begins with learning what Bitcoin is all about and how this money can bring you freedom.

Bitcoin Journey: Earn


Next, it’s time to start stacking. You can earn from sites that pay you Bitcoin for completing tasks, buy sats or get a Bitcoin paid job.



Then you need to understand why saving in Bitcoin is important, the types of wallet to save with, and how to save the keys to your wallet.



Your journey concludes with knowing where to spend your Bitcoin to purchase goods and services. Welcome Bitcoiner!

The Million Sats Challenge

Join the Million Sat Challenge to earn satoshis while learning about the power of Bitcoin and Bitcoin savings. Become part of our community dedicated to creating African millionaires through Bitcoin savings. Start your journey towards financial empowerment today.

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