Bringing Freedom to Africa

African Bitcoiners is a Bitcoin community helping to onboard new African users and guide them safely on their Bitcoin journey from Learning about Bitcoin, with our free Bitcoin for beginners course  to earning sats and saving this Bitcoin in self-custody

Bitcoin is the first and only money that is truly fair and equal for all and this gives us an opportunity to change the balance of wealth inequality in the world. Right now Africa is in last place. We are poor and getting poorer relative to the rest of the world.

African Bitcoiners are going to change that!

We have a Vision of Freedom in Africa with every person having an equal opportunity to reach their full potential.

To get there, our Big Crazy Goal is to create a Billion African Millionaires. We want to help 1 billion Africans to hold the private keys to at least 1 Million sats each. This will ensure that Africa is at least equal to the rest of the world, if not ahead. 

Please join us!

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Your Bitcoin Journey


Your journey to being financially free begins with learning what Bitcoin is all about and how this money can bring you freedom.


Next, it’s time to start stacking. You can earn from sites that pay Bitcoin for tasks, or buy sats or by getting a Bitcoin paid job.


Then you need to understand why saving in Bitcoin is important, the types of wallet to save with, and how to save the keys to your wallet.


Your journey concludes with knowing where to spend your Bitcoin to purchase goods and services. Welcome Bitcoiner!

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