Top 21 African Bitcoin Countries


As Bitcoin is growing in Africa, so are it’s entrepreneurs. They are waking up and seeing the incredible array of opportunities that this new money will open up. Importantly however, while Bitcoin will permeate every aspect of our lives, Africa is different and needs solutions that are built by the people of Africa for the people of Africa.
These are the Bitcoin organisations that are building in Africa for Africa.

Africa Free Routing

This is a bitcoin lightning project that facilitates bitcoin payment and peer to peer exchange across Africa utilizing the lightning technology. Africa Free Routing has her nodes in a few major cities of Africa and are rapidly expanding their node reach.


This innovative project has overcome the challenge of limited internet connection and smartphone access by transforming GSM phones into a Lightning wallet. As a result, anyone can now send and receive Bitcoin using just a mobile number.

The Bitcoiner Test

The Bitcoiner Test, anchored by the mantra ‘don’t trust, verify.’ is the ultimate verification for genuine Bitcoin enthusiasts. Whether hiring or joining a Bitcoin team, prove you know your Bitcoin knowledge and get an industry recognised certification.

Places to spend sats- Gorilla Sats logo
Gorilla Sats

Gorilla Sats is a leading Bitcoin company based in Uganda, with a mission to drive the adoption of Bitcoin and foster a Bitcoin-centric economy. Their secure, localized platform facilitates Bitcoin transactions, empowering individuals and businesses with decentralized finance.


Bitnob is a Bitcoin Financial services firm that helps in routing easy, fast and reliable payments in and out of Africa. They provide a way to transact in Bitcoin (buy and sell), offering users the ability to save in both Bitcoin and USD. Further, they run a virtual card issuance service.


BitcoinOnly is a South African based Bitcoin firm that offers Bitcoin hardware services, ranging from hardware wallets to seed back up devices etc. They also facilitate bitcoin payment systems and can offer professional advice on Bitcoin related matters.

Bitcoin Matatu Tours

Bitcoin Matatu Tours as the name signifies is a Tour and Travel agency based in Nairobi, Kenya and operates strictly with Bitcoin as the back bone financial background. The offer tourist services where customers can visit several bitcoin related facilities like mining rigs etc. across Africa in form of Bitcoin excursions.


CoinCola is a dedicated Bitcoin peer-to-peer platform, offering Ghanaians a user-friendly interface for carrying out Bitcoin transactions (buying and selling). Committed to fostering Bitcoin adoption, the firm focuses on expanding its reach throughout Ghana, promoting the benefits of Bitcoin in the West African nation.

Easy Sats

Easy sats is an interesting bitcoin firm that offers quite a variety of services. They bring the knowledge of bitcoin to the masses through production of bitcoin education materials, they make bitcoin easily & readily accessible to an average African through issuing of voucher codes that are redeemable for spending in Bitcoin.

Flash Bitcoin

Flash Bitcoin is a bitcoin firm which offers buying and selling of Bitcoin to mostly French speaking African countries. They leverage the lightning network to run their services seamlessly.

Bitcoin Mining Namibia

As the Name implies, Bitcoin Mining Namibia is a Bitcoin Mining project running in Namibia. They run onsite mining, sells of ASIC machines and home installations, mining profitability calculator etc.


LittleBits is an African Bitcoin firm that offers easy sending and receiving of Bitcoin through the lightning network. They are also the official distributors of the vouchers, which can be purchased on their site.

Trojan Minning Nigeria

Trojan Mining, based in Nigeria, provides Bitcoin mining lessons and mining farms setup services.


Gridless is a distributed, rural, Hydro Bitcoinin Mining Facility in Africa that supports local energy development.


IpayBTC is only present on Twitter. Their Bio display that they facilitate sending and receiving bitcoin.


Sats2Data offers a fast, innovative way for Africans to buy airtime and data bundles using Bitcoin in just 60 seconds, showcasing practical Bitcoin use cases.


Bitsika is a financial service system enabling users across Africa to send and receive money, convert bitcoin to virtual cards spendable anywhere in the globe.


Cashwyre is a Bitcoin tech firm that offers easy Bitcoin buying solution on their website, enabling send and receive money within Africa with zero charges.

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