About African Bitcoiners

We are a Bitcoin community helping to on board new African users and guide them safely on their Bitcoin journey from earning sats to self custody. When you are considering Bitcoin for your savings, we are the community you can join to learn about Bitcoin and find opportunities in the Bitcoin ecosystem.
Why are we doing this? Because money is central to everyone’s ability to achieve their full potential. Bitcoin is the world’s only free and fair money and we believe that if Africa adopts it first, we have our one and only chance to unlock our enormous potential and undo the inequality in the world.

Our Vision

Freedom in Africa. An Africa where every person has an equal opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our Crazy Goal

To help 1 Billion Africans to each hold the keys to at least 1 million sats.

Please join our community and become a part of this vision

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African Bitcoiners will bring Freedom to Africa through Bitcoin and we will do it by living these 5 values:


We are dependable. We make sure our tasks and objectives are delivered on time every time and at the highest quality. We communicate about roadblocks well in advance. African Bitcoiners will bring Freedom to Africa through Bitcoin.

Growth Mindset

We believe that with hard work and relentless curiousity we can achieve anything. We are always reading, testing, learning and improving. We move forward with urgency making fast decisions and continuously learning from our many failures.


We are trustworthy, humble, fun to work with and sincerely want the utmost success for each other and our community. We always treat each other and our community with kindness and respect.

Truth Seeking

We are open minded and evidence-based. We strive to be objective and facts focussed and constantly challenge group think and the “status quo” in pursuit of the underlying truth. We make decisions from hard data wherever possible and are mindful of our cognitive biases.


We are leaders of a peaceful revolution. This comes with risks particularly when the inevitable state backlash comes against Bitcoin. To protect themselves and their loved ones, many of our team prefer to remain pseudonymous and so we always operate with their privacy front of mind.
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