About African Bitcoiners

We are a community of Africans, who believe that Bitcoin has the potential to uplift Africa.

Our purpose is to bring freedom to Africa through the adoption of Bitcoin, the world’s only fair and equal money.

Here is our Manifesto:

As Africans either living or born here, we believe in Africa and all Africans. We believe we now have all the resources we need to succeed, but the corruption borne from greed and fed by government-printed money is taking us backward

Money is central to every person’s ability to achieve their full potential. Bitcoin is the only free and fair money that cannot be influenced by anyone and we believe that if Africa adopts it first, we perhaps have our one and only chance to change the wealth inequality in the world. We believe Bitcoin can, should, and indeed will be the world’s money, starting with Africa.

We have a modest yet exciting goal. When Bitcoin is the money of the world, there will be an average of about 245 000 sats per person. We intend to ensure that every African has at least 250 000 non-confiscatable sats. If we can achieve this, Africa will be above average in global wealth. We are not looking to get rich, we are looking to get equal and on the same level playing field with the rest of the world.

Who is an African Bitcoiner?

An African Bitcoiner has studied how bitcoin works and understands why it is the only possible option for global monetary fairness
We don’t want Bitcoin to win because other currencies fail, but because Bitcoin out-competes and is shown to be the better monetary system.
We are kind and we are inclusive. Our sole focus is on Bitcoin not because anything else is good or bad, but because Bitcoin is that important.
We want people to “want” to use Bitcoin and not “have” to use Bitcoin.
While Bitcoin’s value will go up over time, it is not the primary reason why we are here. For Bitcoiners, it is purpose over profit.
We are not just after owning Bitcoin, but pushing it forward and advancing it.

Please join our community and become a part of this Vision!

Our values are Kindness, Privacy, Truth, Accountability, Curiosity and a Growth Mindset. If you share these values and want to see Bitcoin succeed for the benefit of all Africans, we would love to have you by our side. Use the sign up widget above.