The Power of Saving in Bitcoin

We are experiencing the birth of a new money and Bitcoin still has a long way to grow in price before it replaces all the world’s currencies. This growth will be volatile and so Bitcoin’s price will go up and down, often wildly. This is why we recommend Bitcoin only for long-term saving and immediate spending. Anything in between can be risky but as the price does trend up over time we can really grow our savings if we are patient.

This handy calculator shows you how much your savings would have increased in purchasing power if you had saved an equal amount in Bitcoin every month over the past 5 years. No one has ever lost money, saving into Bitcoin this way.

Put in your monthly savings amount in USD and see how much it would have grown.

Over 5 years the purchasing power of your savings relative to USD would have increased:

Bitcoin is the best long term savings technology that has ever existed.