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The use of Bitcoin for payments is still very new so there aren’t yet many businesses that accept it. This presents a challenge to Bitcoin users which we would like to help solve. At the same time we want to celebrate and share those merchants who do accept Bitcoin payments. Here are several places where you can spend your Bitcoin in Africa. Please frequent these merchants as they are helping to start our revolution!

PS. This section is for physical stores that accept Bitcoin (locations with physical addresses that can be shared). If you are looking for online options please check out our page with all the places Africans can spend Bitcoin online.

Are you a merchant in Africa that accepts Bitcoin and/or lightning payments for your products or services? Let us know here

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We sincerely apologise for any information we may have got wrong on this page. We based it on what we found and some may be out of date. Please help us verify/update any locations you may have found issues with, by filling the form below. Thank you.

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