The Kenyan Bitcoin Ecosystem

Kenya’s Bitcoin ecosystem has seen significant growth and development, with a vibrant community of enthusiasts, businesses, and startups. Experience the convergence of technology and finance in a nation known for its tech-savvy culture. Explore how Bitcoin has permeated daily life, transforming transactions and fostering financial inclusion.

Bitcoin Projects in Kenya


BitPesa is a financial firm that facilitates cross-border payments in Kenya through the use of Bitcoin and Lightning network.


Kipochi is a Kenyan lightweight, easy-to-use bitcoin wallet associated with a mobile number, that allows users to receive and send bitcoins all over the world through SMS. This allows even people without internet access to use Bitcoin.


A Bitcoin platform that enables users and merchants to accept Bitcoin payments.

Bitcoin Communities in Kenya

Bitcoin Dada

Bitcoin Dada is a Bitcoin community domiciled in Kenya that helps educate women about Bitcoin and financial independence generally.

Bitcoin Education initiatives

BitDevs Nairobi

BitDevs Nairobi is a Bitcoin initiative and community of Bitcoin developers in Kenya bringing together programmers and developers who already work or want to work with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Spend Locations

Betty’s Place

Betty’s Place is a food, hang-out, and relaxation center located on Kimathi Street, Nyeri, Kenya, opposite the historical Osman Alluh building about 150 km from Nairobi, Kenya. You can make payments for services rendered here using Bitcoin.

Box Light Electronics

Boxlight Electronics is located at Luthuli Avenue, Skymall Avenue 3rd Floor Room 501& 502. The electronics company distributes a range of electrical gadgets and home appliances. Customers can make payments using Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Mining Operations


Gridless is a hydro-Bitcoin mining firm domiciled in Kenya. The mining facility also generates electricity that it distributes within the rural community where it’s based.

Bitcoin Meetups in Kenya

Bitcoin Kenya

This is a group for discussing Bitcoin adoption in Kenya! To help new Bitcoiners understand.

Share any local Bitcoin meetups, mining operations, communities or general initiatives you know in Kenya to contribute to the growing ecosystem!

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