The Ugandan Bitcoin Ecosystem

As the Bitcoin landscape evolves globally, Uganda stands at the precipice of this transformative shift. Take a quick look at Bitcoin’s evolution as it unfolds in the East African nation.

Bitcoin Projects in Uganda

Gorilla Sat

This is a Bitcoin firm in Uganda that offers a variety of services from community outreaches, Over-the-counter buying and selling of Bitcoin, and event management. Gorilla Sats is building a Bitcoin ecosystem.

Bitcoin Communities in Uganda

Bitcoin Kampala

Bitcoin Kampala is a local Bitcoin community based in Kampala Uganda which helps propagate Bitcoin education and adoption across Uganda.

Bitcoin Education initiatives

Bitcoin Innovation Hub

A startup organization leveraging Bitcoin to empower women with several different skills and ultimately teach them about finance and Bitcoin itself.

Share any local Bitcoin meetups, mining operations, communities or general initiatives you know in Uganda to contribute to the growing ecosystem!

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