Why We Are Private

The team at African Bitcoiners values privacy and security because Africa can be a cruel and corrupt place. We are Freedom Fighters so for the safety of ourselves and our loved ones most of us choose to operate under pseudonyms within the Bitcoin community. This page will explain some of the reasons behind our preference for privacy.
Political and Economic Instability

One of the primary reasons that African Bitcoiners choose to remain private is due to political and economic instability in many parts of the continent. In countries where the government is unstable or corrupt, there is a real fear of persecution for participating in a decentralized financial system outside of the control of the state. African governments control their people by controlling their money. They do not like losing power and have a low respect for human life. This is a dangerous combination and we want to stay safe.

Lack of Understanding and Misperceptions

Despite the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, there is still a significant lack of understanding about it among the general public. This lack of understanding can lead to misperceptions and misunderstandings about the technology. In countries where the media is not free or impartial, this can be damaging. By remaining private, African Bitcoiners can avoid having their names and reputations tarnished by false or misleading information.

Free Expression

Working under a pseudonym creates a level of anonymity that allows African Bitcoiners to freely express their opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation. This can be especially important in countries where free speech may be limited or suppressed.

Privacy and Security

The decentralized and encrypted nature of Bitcoin appeals to African Bitcoiners who value the privacy and security of financial transactions. By using a pseudonym, personal information is protected, and the risk of identity theft avoided. This added layer of security provides peace of mind and allows African Bitcoiners to confidently transact.

Economic Empowerment

African Bitcoiners, Bitcoin represents an opportunity to participate in a global economy and achieve financial independence. By operating under a pseudonym, African Bitcoiners avoid discrimination or prejudice that could limit economic opportunities. This anonymity provides the freedom to make financial decisions without fear of backlash or negative consequences.


In conclusion, African Bitcoiners prefer to be private because of the values they hold dear. Privacy, security, and financial freedom are at the forefront of their minds, and operating under a pseudonym provides them with an added layer of protection. This preference for privacy allows them to fully embrace the opportunities that Bitcoin presents and to participate in this revolutionary technology with confidence.

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