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These few days of the year have been a total disaster in countries such as Nigeria. For maybe the first time in history, people have money in their banks but can’t access that money. To access cash, you have to pay 10‚Äď15% withdrawal charges because someone, somewhere, gave the order that the money the country operated with previously is all of a sudden obsolete. This situation has put the nation into an unprecedented crisis, as millions of people are unable to pay for their daily needs.

We may all sit wherever you are reading from and say, “Too bad for them.” Unfortunately, as we all know, the government, regardless of country or continent, will always prioritize its political agenda over the needs of the people! This is why more than ever we all need to build an alternative economy where we exert total control. This is why Bitcoin is so precious! Bitcoin is giving every African the power to live above the mayhem our governments are constantly plunging us into with their corrupt and selfish decisions.

We are very aware that not all Africans may be able to afford to buy Bitcoin. This is why we’ve created an earn session on our website, where no matter where you are, you can get paid in Bitcoin!

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We understand the struggles of buying Bitcoin with fiat in the present African economy; the US dollar conversion first reduces your fiat and ends up affording you a tiny fraction of Bitcoin. ¬†We understand this and are excited to announce a perfect solution that allows you to earn Bitcoin! We are excited to announce that we have created an “earn” section on our website comprising a Bitcoiner Jobs page¬†and a¬†Places to Earn Sats page. Please give us¬†feedback¬†on how we can improve them.

1. Bitcoiner Jobs: Are you looking to work in the Bitcoin industry? Discover Bitcoin jobs from all over the world that pay in Bitcoin here.

2.¬†Places to Earn Sats: We have carefully put together a list of places you can get rewarded with Bitcoin for watching videos, taking surveys, completing tasks, and much more.¬†Click here¬†to visit our ‘Places to earn sats’ page.


Here are some interesting news from the African Bitcoin space:

1. One of South Africa’s Biggest Supermarket Chains Expands Bitcoin Lightning Payments to 1,500 Stores

Pick’n Pay, one of South Africa‚Äôs biggest supermarket chains, is now accepting Bitcoin payments in all of its stores following an announcement by technology provider¬†CryptoConvert. This partnership marks an important milestone in the history of cryptocurrency, as it demonstrates a major shift towards greater acceptance of digital currencies by businesses.¬†Click here¬†to see the tweet.

2. Nigeria Free Routing Reaches 2 BTC Capacity in 4 Weeks!

Talk about a success story in the making and Nigeria really needs this right now!! In less than 4 weeks and in the midst of quality nodes, our new launch node has gained remarkable popularity on Amboss, successfully opened 17 channels, and has a capacity of 2 Bitcoin! Click here to read tweet.

3. Nigeria Ranks 1st in Cryptocurrency Usage and Ownership Globally

According to new research by Trading Browser, Nigeria has the largest number of users and owners of cryptocurrencies in the world. The country boasts over 90 million people using cryptocurrency, which is almost 1.5 times the population of the United Kingdom. From 2019 to 2022, Nigeria increased its cryptocurrency ownership and use by 17%, resulting in over 34 million people adopting cryptocurrency over the three years. Click here to read more.

4. Google Trends shows Bitcoin is by far the most searched cryptocurrency in Nigeria

It is no surprise that  Nigerians have become so interested in Bitcoin and its potential to improve their economic and cash shortage situations. Google trend analysis has shown that over the course of 90 days, Bitcoin was the most searched cryptocurrency in Nigeria. Click here to see analysis.


Available Bitcoin Jobs:

1. The MAS Network 

2. Bitrefill

  • Frontend Developer:¬†Are you a front-end developer with a minimum of 3+ years of experience with React, JavaScript, or preferably TypeScript, CSS, and HTML5 skills? Then this role might just be for you! Hurry and apply¬†here.

  • Backend Developer:¬†Bitrefill is looking for a backend developer who will be part of building solutions for their Lightning, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency services as well as doing integrations with suppliers and working on the backend of their overall service. To be considered, you must have two years of experience working with modern backend technologies (preferably with a focus on Node.js) as well as experience implementing backend system integrations for third-party vendors.¬†Click here¬†to see other requirements for the role.¬†

  • Data Engineer:¬†If you are proficient in Javascript, Typescript, and Python and have experience with both relational and documental databases, preferably MongoDB and PostgreSQL, then you might stand a fair chance to work with Bitrefill! Check out the role¬†here.

3. African Bitcoiners

  • Junior Copy Writer:¬†If you are African and a Bitcoin lover, you have a chance to work with us! All you need is a passion for writing about Bitcoin, the ability to work remotely with minimal management, and a can-do attitude. Apply now¬†to join us.

  • UX Designer:¬†We are looking for an African Bitcoin lover with basic working skills in graphic design and UX design who has the ability to work effectively remotely with minimal management. If this sounds like you, apply with your portfolio¬†here.

Here are upcoming Bitcoin meetups we are excited about:

1. Digioats Bitcoin Meetup Calabar

Digioats is on a mission to orange-pill and create new Bitcoiners in Calabar, Nigeria with their Bitcoin meetup set to be held on the 11th of February 2023. Click here to see more.

2. Nigerian Bitcoin Conference

There will be a Bitcoin conference in Nigeria from the 24th to 25th of March 2023. Some of the speakers are Ray Youssef, Okin, Yusuf Nessary and Nzonda Fotsing Sr. See more info here. 

Bitcoin is indeed a ray of hope for Africa. Watch as Farida Nabourema shares the story of how Bitcoin has enabled African citizens to bypass their failing financial systems and gain access to international markets.

Please get in touch with us if you would like us to feature your available jobs, blog posts, podcasts, meetups, Bitcoin projects or anything else you might be working on for Bitcoin in Africa and we will feature you in our newsletter. Just email us on¬†¬†and we’ll make it happen.ūüėÉ

Note that we only accept content on Bitcoin in Africa.

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