Proof of Work

In all our endeavors, we’re guided by a vision of a future where one billion Africans each hold the keys to at least one million sats. The journey is uncertain, and we may never fully realize this ambitious dream. Yet, therein lies the beauty of the pursuit. We are embarking on this mission with hope and determination. To stay true to our commitment, we open our books, sharing our modest numbers and stats with you. This transparency is our pledge to be accountable. As we navigate the unpredictable terrain ahead, your support and proof of work become the compass guiding us toward a future where all Africans are truly free.


Only Africans understand how to build for Bitcoin adoption in Africa here are our products
and initiatives tailored to solve African challenges through Bitcoin.


Africa Free Routing


Unlocking possibilities with Africa Free Routing, the largest and most reliable free lightning payments routing network in Africa! Our network stands tall with 5 nodes with 4 of these nodes strategically hosted within the continent, fostering seamless connections between African retailers and customers. With an impressive 233 channels and a total capacity of 920,102,593, we empower businesses and individuals to embrace Bitcoin as a reliable form of payment.


Bitcoin for Beginners Course

Our FREE Bitcoin for Beginners course has empowered over 530 graduates across Africa. Carefully crafted with simplicity in mind, this course provides a solid foundation for your Bitcoin journey. Dive into the basics with ease through pictorial illustrations. Let’s learn and grow together!

Places to spend sats-Sats2data logo white



Experience seamless airtime and data purchases using Bitcoin in 40 African countries. Sats2data is one of our utility contributions to the African Bitcoin ecosystem, fostering financial inclusivity across the continent. Join us on the journey to a connected and economically empowered Africa with Sats2Data.

The Bitcoiner Test

An industry-standard exam has a count of being taken in 21 countries worldwide. Developed, compiled, and audited by Bitcoin experts, it thoroughly assesses job candidates’ knowledge, proving they’re true Bitcoiners. This test was designed to serve as a tool that can thoroughly access individuals who claim to be Bitcoiners and prove that they know their onions, and also to help Bitcoin firms and organizations test their employees/potential employees and be sure that they’re hiring real Bitcoiners.

Most Impactful African Bitcoiners

Garnering a total view of 190000+ on Twitter alone in 2023, our 21 Most Impact African Bitcoiners list is an initiative we started to recognize and honor the dedication of Africans who are actively contributing to the growth and development of Bitcoin within Africa.

The overwhelming engagement with this initiative in 2023  by the African Bitcoin community reflects a growing community invested in the work we’re doing.

African Bitcoin Ecosystem Infographic


We’ve proactively taken the lead in conducting comprehensive quarterly research on the Bitcoin ecosystem in Africa. Our commitment extends to presenting a visual representation of this research through an insightful infographic. This strategic approach not only facilitates easy access for those seeking information on all Bitcoin-only initiatives in Africa but also allows us to measure our quarterly growth effectively.

Community Activities

We believe in hands-on community development so we are building an array of activities
designed to educate and connect with our expanding Bitcoin Community.








Community testimonials speak volumes about the impact
we’ve made in the African Bitcoin Space.

“I was very pleased with the Bitcoin course that I took. The questions were well-written and covered a wide range of topics related to Bitcoin. I also appreciated the fact that the company is seeking feedback from users.”
“You have the best newsletter look and feel of any of the others I’ve seen. Loved the watch party this week and hope to make the next one as well.
Keep showing folks how its done!”
“Wow so interesting bitcoiners Africa may you be blessed with such good program of educate youth more about digital currency especially in bitcoin, I real enjoy the quiz.”
“I loved it, most beginner Bitcoin courses are a little shallow and are mostly repetitive. I love the inclusion of the open source contribution, scalability and the transaction lessons. For a Beginner course, it pretty much covers a lot of areas that are omitted in other courses.
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