Bitcoin Education for Kids

We believe financial education is vital for people of any age and this very much includes our children. In particular we believe it is healthy for children to learn about Bitcoin and hard money and why it is so important for humanity.

Bitcoin Money book for kids
Bitcoin Money: A Tale of Bitville Discovering Good Money

Bitcoin Money: A Tale of Bitville Discovering Good Money by Michael Caras is one of the most popular Bitcoin kids’ books sold on Amazon. It tells the story of Bitville, a fictional town, and introduces children to the concept of Bitcoin and its benefits.

Bitcoin for Smart Kids: Teaching Your Kids About Bitcoin

In Bitcoin Smart Kids, Andy LaPointe and his 14-year-old daughter teach kids of all ages about Bitcoin. Simplifying the complexities of Bitcoin for an easy and enjoyable understanding. Andy has also written two additional books on Bitcoin.

Bitcoin for Kids book
Bitcoin for Kids: Kids Guide to Understanding the Future of Money

Discover the world of Bitcoin in this engaging book designed for children under 10. With simple explanations and colourful illustrations, it breaks down the importance of Bitcoin, making it easy for kids to grasp the basics and how it works.

Rhyming Bitcoin book for kids
Rhyming Bitcoin

Dive into the world of ‘Rhyming Bitcoin,’ a playful journey by Bitcoin artist Brekkie von Bitcoin and illustrated by Florencia Montoya. This book focuses on the why of Bitcoin, offering an imaginative adventure for all ages, inspired by Dr. Seuss and Alice in Wonderland.

Goodnight Bitcoin book for kids
Goodnight Bitcoin

Goodnight Bitcoin by Mallory Sibley and Scott Sibley is an origin tale recounting how Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin and sent the first Bitcoin to Hal Finney.

Bitcoin for Kids Tuttle Twins
Tuttle Twins

The Tuttle Twins show is a show by Connar Boyack about tween twins, a crazy grandma & a time-traveling wheelchair. This is a show that teaches kids principles of freedom and government. Fasten your dentures!

99 Bitcoins & and Elephant book for kids
99 Bitcoins and an Elephant

99 Bitcoins and an Elephant is a tale of a young girl lost in a huge department store that becomes flush with Bitcoin. This captivating book for kids is written by Vincent Chen and illustrated by Germán Varona.

The Year a Girl hears about Bitcoin book for Kids
The Year a Girl Hears About Bitcoin

The Year a Girl Hears About Bitcoin is a children’s book that follows the journey of a 10-year-old girl who learns about Bitcoin for the first time at school. It explores her fascination with the concept and its implications.

The Bitcoin Whitepaper For Kids
The Bitcoin Whitepaper for Children

The Bitcoin White Paper for kids was created by Ivan Campos. The White Paper is a simplified version of the original document clearly explained and with picture illustrations for any kid to easily  understand.

The Bitcoin Kids

Driven by a desire for his son’s financial stability, Nzonda redirects his life mission to educate kids (2 to 15 y/o) about Bitcoin. Check out his brilliant book that makes Bitcoin easy for any child to understand.

Bitcoin for Kids with Dr Gretchan
Bitcoin for KIDS With Dr. Gretchen

In this one-day class, students will learn about Bitcoin and how to start investing in it. The class will be structured in the format of allowing students to take notes from a PowerPoint Presentation about Bitcoin and a student-teacher Q&A session.

What is Bitcoin? for Kids and Beginners

This video concisely explains the concept of Bitcoins. It could be used by kids & teens to learn about Bitcoin or used as a money & personal finance resource by parents and teachers. It covers 6 topics and is suitable for kindergarten to high school.


Expand your knowledge about Bitcoin in this easy-to-follow Bitcoin course, empower yourself to financial freedom.

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