How To Keep Bitcoin In Your Head

Memorizing Your Seed Phrase

Memorizing Seed Phrase

N.B: However, it’s crucial to remember the order of the words in each group. If you remember the words but not their correct order, you won’t be able to access your Bitcoin. Here is an example of a story for that seed phrase. Often the more silly stories are easier to remember. The ORANGE BANANA shaped DOG hunted furiously on the ground. He was looking for an APPLE to throw at the MONKEY in the SKY who was being annoying.

Our poor furry friend was thirsty. He wanted some PLAIN WATER and a little bit of PIZZA. He knew with this in belly he could visit his old friend the ELEPHANT and together they could use the BEAUTIFUL money, Bitcoin, to INVOKE a world of Freedom.

By creating these vivid and unusual images, you can easily remember each group of words in the right order. And if you need to recall your seed phrase in the future, you can simply think back to the stories and images you created, making it easier to remember and access your Bitcoin.

Practice Memorizing Your Seed Phrase

Practice to Memorize Your Seed Phrase

To ensure that you can remember your seed phrase easily, it’s important to practice recalling it regularly. You can do this by reciting it aloud or writing it down from memory. When practicing your story, try clapping on each seed word. This will help you brain remember which words in the story are the seed words. For instance, if your seed phrase is “orange banana dog apple monkey sky plain water pizza elephant beautiful invoke,” you can use the phrase “Oliver’s Big Ducks Always Make Silly Pizzas; Wearing Pink Elephants’ Boots Indoors” as a mnemonic device. By linking the first letters of each word with a memorable phrase, you can enhance your recall and keep your seed phrase secure.

Creating a Song from your Seed Phrase Word Groups

Singing your seed phrase

Another fun and memorable way to safeguard your Bitcoin without writing it down is to embrace your inner music genius and turn your Bitcoin seed phrase into a catchy song.

Let’s take the example seed phrase, “orange banana dog apple monkey sky plain water pizza elephant beautiful invoke.” To turn this phrase into a song, you can break it down into four groups: “orange banana dog,” “apple monkey sky,” “plain water pizza,” and “elephant beautiful invoke.” For each group, you can come up with a catchy melody that fits the rhythm of the words.

For the first group, you could create a melody out of this sentence, “My orange and banana have been eaten by your dog. For the second group, you could sing, “Apples will rejoice when that monkey stops looking at the sky in this fog.  For the third group, you could sing, “But why on earth did the waiter serve me plain water instead of soda with my pizza? And for the last group, you could sing “Elephant, oh beautiful elephants, you invoke awe in me and Liza.

By repeating these groups and melodies, you can create a song that helps you remember your seed phrase. You can sing it to yourself whenever you need to access your Bitcoin, or even teach it to a friend or family member as a backup.

Border Wallets
Whether you live in an area of conflict or war zones, regularly travel or move around, or have no permanent fixed abode, Border Wallets provide a method for memorizing seed phrases that you can use to easily and reliably commit your Bitcoin seed words to memory.


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