The Ghanaian Bitcoin Ecosystem

Discover how Ghana’s Bitcoin ecosystem is poised for growth and evolution, navigating regulatory terrain and fostering a new era of financial inclusivity. Driven by a surge in demand for alternative financial solutions, Bitcoin has emerged as a transformative force in Ghana’s financial sphere.

Bitcoin Projects in Ghana

BTC Ghana

A Bitcoin remittance firm located in Ghana that facilitates local to foreign financial remittance using Bitcoin.


MySatsFarm is an Agriculture in Bitcoin initiative aimed at investing in Agricultural production with Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Communities in Ghana

Bitcoin Dua

Bitcoin Dua is an initiative that aims at building a circular Bitcoin economy in Ghana and it also educates locals on the use of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Cowries

A Bitcoin community in Accra that helps promote Bitcoin adoption and facilitates Bitcoin adoption across locals in Ghana.

Bitcoin Brite

A Bitcoin community, based at KokoBrite in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. It fosters general Bitcoin education and champions adoption.

Bitcoin Education initiatives

BitDev Accra

A Bitcoin education initiative that convenes Bitcoin developers in Accra, Ghana. The initiative is aimed at spotting talented developers and nurturing them into becoming great Bitcoin devs.

Bitcoin Mining Operations

Ghana Dot Com

An IT solutions firm based in Ghana that runs a Bitcoin mining facility located in Ghana with an undisclosed hashing capacity, tho suspected to be in a few hundred Terrahash power.

Bitcoin Meetups in Ghana

Monthly Bitcoin Meet-up

 This meetup is organized by Bitcoin Cowries in Agbozume, Ghana.

Share any local Bitcoin meetups, mining operations, communities or general initiatives you know in Ghana to contribute to the growing ecosystem!

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